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Join the Impact – Protest Salt Lake City Pictures.

Posted by ldsrecon on November 16, 2008

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There were a lot of people who joined the national group marching and protesting the passage of Proposition 8.  While the protest had little to do with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) News personal and anti-gay protesters focused on the disappointment that the gay community in the Mormon Church’s involvement and urging their members to support the passage of Prop 8. Naturally there was quite a stir  locally that has cause a lot of discussion about should the Church have done that and is that within their scope as a non profit.  We discussed that in an earlier post so in this one I will mostly try to show some images from the protest rally.  I hope you enjoy.

March for Equality Poster

March for Equality Poster

Gathering for the Protest March

Gathering for the Protest March

More to come later.


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